WHO WE ARE, What we do, what we build?

ArcentEstar is a strategical business international holding who provides different services of finnancial consulting, design projects and building solutions.


We have it all: registered companies and technical capacities for a total business solution and an end user direct treatment.


If you have or need properties, financial aid, ideas for a project and construction resources; we will be glad to be with you from the beginning, always and till your total satisfaction.


We have there different business areas: Real Estate, Design and Construction, fully articulated to chain strategical projects in different society sectors all over the world.


Thirst and water

By @mikealex_aldana


Two companies with complementary services are joined in Doral, Miami to seek mutual enforcement of their capacities and to find the exit roads to their own production lines. Arcent and its incorporated organizations in real estate promotion and Estar in architecture and city planning design.


It was in 2014 when this two international organizations collide in the generation of real estate, urban planning and housing projects for a zone that receives densification besides economic renewal that has had some falls in the last decade.



Arcent and Entérate group had promoted from different communication media their services offerings and the previously designed developments. This time has turned to take care of christian latin group and works on a full of possibilities, strategic project.


Estar projects are exclusive, last year they generate a unique housing model based on their own catalonian spanish experience. The Coderch Housing Model has been presented for different companies in search of financial aid.




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Av.Suite M510

Doral. FL 33172

Tel: 01800-978-1750

e-mail: epgrupoenterate@yahoo.es