HIALEAH business father







This project is developed in a 9,302.54 m2 site, equivalent to 2.30 Acres, located in 8155 W, 12th Av. Hialeah, Florida 33014. It is a private vertical multipurpose complex, comprising of 3 buildings of 5 stories each, for a total of 80 marketable/rentable units (MU) for lower and middle trade (commercial premises of 56.25 m2), therefore there are offices, medical practice places, meeting rooms (small and large); it also includes a basic service area (bathrooms, stairs and elevator) and a security access.
This complex has 7,000.47 m2 (75,352.36 ft2) of construction. This project is ecological in its energy saving and generation technologies and has the following outdoor areas: parking for 160 cars inside the ground; green areas, leisure areas, water mirrors and pedestrian circulation.

1750 NW 107

Av.Suite M510

Doral. FL 33172

Tel: 01800-978-1750

e-mail: epgrupoenterate@yahoo.es